Breeding to help the industry thrive – both now and in the future

Plant Sciences Europe is an industry leader in producing proprietary berry genetics. The ultimate objective of our breeding programs is to develop high-quality, flavorful fruit with increased shelf life, improved yields and fruit size, and reduced disease and pest susceptibility. Thus, enabling growers, shippers, propagators and retailers to successfully meet consumer demands both now and in the future.

The best cultivars for each region 

We exclusively use traditional crossing techniques to facilitate our in-house breeding programs for the European, Middle East and African berry markets. The objective of our programs is to select cultivars adapted to specific growing conditions in each of these regions.

The best berries and the right timing for each market

As part of the testing and selection process, we conduct varietal field evaluations of our genetics in grower fields across our regions. The objective of this selection process is to produce varieties with improved yield, fruit size and resistance to pests and disease. We also focus on suitable production timing for these varieties, so that retailers and consumers can have berries when they most want them. Fruit quality evaluations are also a part of our program. We simulate traditional shipping and handling of products in order to select for fruit with improvements in flavor, post-harvest fruit quality, color and overall appearance.

Connecting with other leaders for better, more sustainable results 

Reaching our markets with the best and most sustainable berry varieties is a matter of teamwork. For this purpose, Plant Sciences Europe connects not only with the best growers, shippers and retailers, but also with science and tech leaders. One example is our collaboration with US food tech company Pairwise: together we are developing safe and sustainable ways of bringing to consumers novel, all-natural superfoods that were previously out of reach.

“Experience proves that long-term loyalty and commitment are vital in today’s competitive markets. We seek to develop a strong mutual trust, and to conduct the business of each client with confidentiality and technical excellence”

Richard D. Nelson - Founder Plant Sciences, Inc.

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