Our vision for EMEA

The berry markets in EMEA are rapidly consolidating. With consumers demanding high quality fresh fruit all year round, the entire berry industry is challenged to make that happen. PSE is dedicated to raise the performance standards with a balanced breeding strategy:

  • Developing varieties that are disease-tolerant and resistant to soil-borne pathogens
  • Developing heat-tolerant varieties in response to climate change
  • Balancing agronomic needs and profitability with consumer expectations in terms of fruit size, taste, color and shelf life
  • On-boarding new technologies, from harvest-assist systems and automated sorting to decision-aid systems and new genetics
  • Seeking a closer collaboration between the leading breeding scientists, growers and retailers

“Experience proves that long-term loyalty and commitment are vital in today’s competitive markets. We seek to develop a strong mutual trust, and to conduct the business of each client with confidentiality and technical excellence”

Richard D. Nelson - Founder Plant Sciences, Inc.

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