Leading change in the EMEA region

Plant Sciences Europe (PSE) is leading in breeding, research and adaptation of new varieties for the berry markets of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (EMEA). We help players along the entire supply chain to upgrade and futureproof their business, from growers and grower cooperatives to marketers and retailers.

Your partner in upgrading the berry market

The future of the berry market relies in part on science and technology. We play a leading role in this area by investing in modern breeding technologies like Marker Assisted Breeding and gene editing. We work closely with best-in-class growers and retailers in different countries and climates to develop, test and market varieties that meet the needs of the supply chain as well as the final consumers. Our decades of experience in the on-farm application of advanced breeding sciences equip us to take the berry market to the next level.

One of the world’s premier agricultural research companies

PSE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Plant Sciences, Inc. Founded in 1985 by veteran researcher Richard D. Nelson. The US-based family business today ranks as one of the world’s premier agricultural research companies. Plant Sciences, Inc. is a leader in Plant Breeding and Commercial Crop Development. The firm has alliances with leading agricultural companies around the world. Plant Sciences Europe services the markets of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (EMEA).

"Knowing each berry variety's unique strengths and weaknesses and being able to work with those towards stronger varieties is a vital success factor on today's berry markets"

Daniel Nelson - Plant Sciences, Inc.

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